Oct 16, 2023 I hiked the Pemi loop with Shutao! ⛰
Oct 11, 2023 Tomorrow (October 12) in 2-132, I will give a talk titled Fantastic Spanning Trees in Planar Graphs and Where to Find Them, based on my joint work with my RSI student Alan, at the Simple Person’s Applied Math Seminar (SPAMS). Food from 醉杭州 (including 酒酿圆子) will be provided! 🥘
Aug 6, 2023 I am flying back to China after 4 years and 3 months! I will land on August 11. Let me know if you want to grab coffee/lunch/dinner together. 🛬
Aug 4, 2023 My RSI mentorship has now ended. Congratulations to my students Alan and Deyan for completing their projects, and additional congratulations to Alan for making it into the top 5 presentations! We plan to expand our results into a paper. Stay tuned! 🎉