Photo by Yiluo Li in Reykjavík, Iceland.

I am Yuchong.

I am a person, born and raised in Shaoxing, a lovely city in eastern China. I spent my first 18 years there.

I am a student at the Point Grey campus of the University of British Columbia. I am pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Combined Honours Computer Science and Mathematics. It rains a lot in Vancouver.

I was recently admitted to the doctoral program in the Department of Mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I will join MIT Math in September 2021.

I am a combinatorial optimizer. I love algorithms, combinatorics and optimization. In particular, I seek optimal or approximate solutions to combinatorial optimization problems by algorithmic approaches. Currently, I am writing my honours thesis on confluent, bifurcated and unsplittable flows, where I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Bruce Shepherd.

I am competitive programming's crazy ex-boyfriend. I started my journey at Lu Xun Primary School in 2008, and I participated in NOIP, CTSC, APIO and ACM-ICPC while I was at Shaoxing Jiangong Middle School, Shaoxing No. 1 High School, and the University of British Columbia. I met lots of wonderful people during this time.

I am a geek, programmer and software engineer. I started programming in 2008, and my first programming language is Pascal. I love creating things with magic.

I am a teacher. I love teaching and sharing my perspectives with students. I have taught algorithms, data structures, the theory of computing, mathematics, programming languages and English since high school. I am teaching CPSC 420 Advanced Algorithms Design and Analysis as a teaching assistant in Spring 2021.

I am a traveller. I have been to many marvellous places around the globe. See some of the highlights from my Instagram.